Glorious Movement Conference exists to catalyze a movement towards the reality where all people, tribes, and nations come before the throne of Christ in worship together. The conference serves to train Christians in living out the Great Commission in order for the gospel to spread to the ends of the earth.

This year, we encourage everyone to be “ACTIVATED” and be convicted to move for Christ. We believe that mission is not just being deployed overseas, nor is it about changing contexts, but we are called to be activated for missional living in every context, every day, and everywhere.

The conference will include messages conveying core missions principles grounded in the Bible, powerful worship, and engaging workshops for various mission-field contexts. We hope that all attendees take a practical step towards engaging their mission fields!


December 28, 2019 SATURDAY
9:30am – 5:30pm

Emmanual Korean Presbyterian Church
4435 Fortran Dr, San Jose, CA 95134




Session 1
Workshop 1


Session 2
Workshop 2
Session 3

Glorious Movement

Glorious Movement is a mission conference in which we are anticipating the ultimate manifestation of God’s glory when all tribes and all nations coming together to worship God (Rev 7:9). This can only happen when God’s name is made known among all nations (Isaiah 12:4). The idea of all nations coming to worship before God and to bring glory to His name (Psalm 86:9) can only be reified when people first hear the Word and come to faith (Romans 10:17). The Gospel must be shared from here to the ends of the earth so that His glory will be manifested on earth as it is in heaven.

We are anticipating this beginning of His ultimate glory, where all tribes and all nations come to worship at Jesus’ throne. But it all starts with the now, whether locally or overseas, because our mission field is where God call us to be. It can be at your work, at your church, your school, your home, in the Bay Area, or it can be in Africa, or Southeast Asia.

No matter where you are, whether your mission field is your own home, or the ends of the earth, God wants you to live for His purpose. He wants you to learn, explore, and to answer His call, so that you can live with a purpose and for His glory. Are you willing to take this challenge? Are you ready to respond to Him? Come and worship with us and hear from pastors, missionaries, brothers and sisters and marketplace leaders who are serving the Lord in different context and get inspired! May this experience be your next step to discover your call and challenge you to live for His glory.